Which products will be licensed by One-Blue? What exactly are essential patents and how can patents be evaluated for essentiality?

Patent Coverage

Products Covered

The One-Blue program for Blu-ray Disc™ products covers both hardware devices (players, recorders, drives), PC software and discs (read-only, recordable, rewritable and high capacity discs).

As to hardware and PC software, the program includes essential patents for the following optical formats:

  • Blu-ray Disc™ Standards
  • DVD Standards
  • CD Standards

As to discs, the program includes essential patents for the Blu-ray Disc™ Standards.

The following product categories will be licensed: BD-ROM Disc, BD-R/RE Disc (including BDXL-R/RE Disc), BD-Player/Recorder, BD-PC Drive, BD Software, BD-PC, Aftermarket Drives Bundled with BD Software and BD Player in-Vehicle.

Essential Patents

Essential means that the patent is necessarily used when implementing a standard in a product or that there is no reasonably viable alternative for implementing the standard. In order to comply with anti-trust regulations in major countries only essential patents are to be included in the patent pool. Essential patents cover both technically essential patents and commercially essential patents.

Companies which believe they have a patent essential to a standard in a BD product (i.e., CD, DVD or BD) and want to participate in the patent pool, should submit their patents to the patent evaluation law firms which have been selected by One-Blue.