One-Blue License Programs


Any company that wishes to make, has made, use, import, sell or offer to sell, stock or keep stock of, or otherwise dispose of BD or UHD products that conform to the UHD Standard Specifications, BD Standard Specifications, DVD Standard Specifications and the CD Standard Specifications applicable to BD and UHD products are only allowed to do so with products that are licensed under the many patents that are essential to implementation of these standard specifications.

At One-Blue, our collective BD and UHD patent owners pool their essential patents so to make them readily available on non-discriminatory terms and conditions.

One-Blue registered manufacturers have the option of selecting licenses for particular categories of BD and UHD products and technology. Each of these licenses covers all essential patents owned or controlled by the members of the One-Blue collective. Our license programs include: BD Drive, BD-PC, BD Software, BD Player/Recorder, BD-R/RE and BD-ROM discs, UHD Drive, UHD-PC, UHD Software, UHD Player, Combi UHD Player/BD-Recorder, and UHD-ROM discs.

Interested Licensees / Registrants should contact One-Blue for detailed documentation regarding the above programs.

One-Blue requires the use of a Designated Internet Service Portal (DISP) to process Per-Batch Licenses and LSCDs. You may access the DISP by clicking here.

With the DISP, registered parties will be able to:

  • Access information and support related to various Optical License programs e.g. Information, Artwork, Specifications Books and Verification Software.
  • Deliver LSCDs to manufacturers with a Registration or License Agreement.
  • Access Royalty Reporting and Manufacturing Equipment services for authorized employees.

Royalty rates can be found for each BD and UHD product on its respective page under the "License Terms" tab.

Please click on the links at left to view the various license programs provided by One-Blue.