What are the royalty rates for the One-Blue licensing program?

Royalty Rates

Players/Recorders Royalty Rate (USD)
BD Player $ 9.00
BD Recorder $ 12.00
BD Player (in vehicle) $ 9.00


PC Drives Royalty Rate (USD)
BD Playback Drive $ 7.00
BD Combi Drive $ 8.00
BD Recorder Drive $ 9.00


BD Software Royalty Rate (USD)
BD Playback Software $ 2.00
BD Playback Software (plug-in) $ 1.60
Bundled BD Playback Software $ 1.25
BD Combi Software $ 2.50
Bundled BD Combi Software $ 1.50
BD Recorder Software $ 3.00
BD Recorder Software (plug-in) $ 2.40
Bundled BD Recorder Software $ 1.75
BD Recording Only Software $ 2.00
BD Recording Only Software (plug-in) $ 1.60
Bundled BD Recording Only Software $ 1.25


BD Software Bundled with Aftermarket BD-Capable Drive Royalty Rate (USD)
Software with Aftermarket BD Recorder Drive $ 1.75
Software with Aftermarket BD Combi Drive $ 1.50
Software with Aftermarket BD Playback Drive $ 1.25


PC with pre-installed BD software Royalty Rate (USD)
PC with pre-installed BD software and no BD Drive $ 1.50
PC with pre-installed BD software and BD Playback Drive* ** $ 1.25
PC with pre-installed BD software and BD Combi Drive* ** $ 1.50
PC with pre-installed BD software and BD Recorder Drive* ** $ 1.75


Pre-recorded discs Royalty Rate (USD)
BD Data Disc $ 0.0725
BD Movie Disc $ 0.0975


Recordable discs Royalty Rate (USD)
BD-R Disc $ 0.1075
BD-RE Disc $ 0.135
BDXL-R Disc $ 0.13
BDXL-RE Disc $ 0.16


The rates of the product license program offer a considerable discount on cumulative royalties that otherwise would have to be paid for the individual format licenses. These discounts are at least 40% on the cumulative royalty rates.

We have established what we believe to be a reasonable royalty for the technologies offered both from a licensor and licensee perspective, taken into account the market and prices for BD products and the superior customer experience of these technologies.


  1. All royalty rates apply per unit of licensed product.
  2. In the event of any discrepancies between the information on this page and the applicable license / registration / reseller agreements, the applicable agreements shall prevail. All royalty rates are subject to the terms and conditions of the applicable agreements and subject to change without notice. 
  3. For royalty rates applicable to other products and for other combinations of functionalities please contact us at info@one-blue.com

* Denotes that the drives are separately licensed.

** Denotes that in earlier royalty related messages this was known as BD Playback Software (pre-installed), BD Combi Software (pre-installed) or BD Recorder Software (pre-installed).