Who are the current licensees of One-Blue?

Conditions of publication

Conditions of Publication of Licensed Manufacturers

This database contains names of manufacturers registered / duly licensed by the indicated parties under standard license agreements and / or registration agreements. This list has been compiled as accurately as possible at the time of preparation. However, as licensing is a dynamic process, no guarantee can be given as to the exhaustiveness of the current listing at the time of viewing.

If your company does not manufacture relevant products itself, but imports or purchases such products from a third party manufacturer, you are advised to check whether such manufacturer is licensed / registered. As trading in unlicensed products may expose your company to liability for patent infringement, you are advised to obtain licensed products only.

Since the vast majority of licensed companies want to be listed on the website, this list may be helpful in easily identifying licensed companies. No guarantee can be given as to the completeness and correctness of all names used by the companies concerned. Further, since there is no mandatory listing for licensed companies and some manufacturers have expressed the wish not to be listed here, the lists on this website remain non-exhaustive. Further, certain manufacturers that have signed license agreements, but are not abiding by their contractual obligations, may have been deleted from this list.

Note: Manufacturers of Blu-ray Disc products such as BD Players, BD Recorders, PCs with BD Drive, BD-R /  BD-RE and BDXL-R / BDXL-RE discs, will be called upon to enter into an Agreement which requires them to request  Licensed Status Confirmation Documents (LSCD) with every shipment and / or apply labels to the sales carton of every product and / or shipping carton of such products. Therefore, such products that are not covered by an LSCD and / or the cartons that are not provided with such labels are unlicensed and infringe certain patent rights. Please note that labels are not required for BD Software and aftermarket BD Drives. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

If you have remarks related to the entries in one of the lists provided, please contact us at info@one-blue.com.